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Beck - Slip Out
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23.11.2008, 10:38

Beat Crusaders

Slip Out (Little More Than Before)

текст песни:

I don´t know since when I changed to such a cold hearted guy.
I have to warm this frosen icy lonely heart to thaw.
I like being wrapped with warmness more than anything else for sure.
I´m gonna make my coming days to be filled with laughter and joy.

I let myself down that I´m more curel than I thought I wold be.
Im just a loser who ends up by caring for my soul.
I´ve become a man from a kid and now turn back to a kid again.
I can now show and give my love a little more than before.

Sorrow is what I hate but it´s grown my sensations.
Regrets taught me how to make any hard decisions.
Peace is always by my side but I´ve never felt it once.
Love is not the world only for the sweet romance.

Well I´m scared, scared, scared, scared to death.
And I´m scare to keep on going on my way.
Well I´m scared, scared, scared, scared to death.
And I´ll tell myself I´m special till the end.

Recalling my torn broken, aching heart of these long days.
And all the memories I wanted to forget for making leaps.
Recalling, aching, breaking, crying, making sure to me.
And I take all and grin at my future on the way.

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